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With a Golden Chain.. - scene 2

                      ...on her ankle

A Rap Opera or Hip Hopera 

Story Script scene-by-scene

_____________________________  by Odysseus Heavilayias

                    Scene Number 2  

Odysseus:      In Florida, the Everglades,
                          was my first port in the States.

                          Second, Detroit on the Great Lakes....
                          I went to a restaurant ...         
                                                      .....they were all eating steaks,
                          but I didn't know how to order.

                       The moment I crossed the border,
                        as I left from my hometown
                        I was as if I got the “Syndrome Down”,
                        with everyone, I stared without understanding,
                        when I was walking or standing.

                       I asked a blond…. what is the time?

                       Frightened, she gave me a dime.

                       First time I went to the movies in the States....
                       The actress that was playing, Kathy Bates.
                       Incomprehensible the tongue,
                       I was stranger, I was young.
                       A play of Shakespeare, it was of course,
                       if he was alive, with force
                       would he throw me out of the room... ?

                      Walking around...
                                    I caught a faint whiff of perfume….

                       A stunning beauty just passed….
                       Two years I, before the mast,*                 *after a two-year sea voyage

                       I had forgot how women are...

                       She walked slowly to a bar.
                       On her ankle was a golden chain,
                       a woman tied me up again..

                       After the bar, when I stepped out,
                       I was alive but without
                       my watch and my money

                       -  See you around honey...
                       I heard the beauty saying....

                      The eternal game this woman was playing...
                       For male victims, she was bait.
                       She was about twenty-eight....

                      With my black eye, I looked at her....
                      By the way, her name was Claire.
                             She was a woman... a  femme,  a mujer,  a yineika*    
                      she was a doll,  a  poupée,  a kookla,  a muñeca*

                                      to be continued ...

*  femme,  a mujer,  a yineika, 
The word woman,  In French, in Spanish and Greek language

*  poupée,  kookla,  muñeca, 
The word doll,  In French, in Greek and in Spanish language


* Editor Odysseus Heavilayias,
   Language adjustments and text adaptation  Kellene G Safis,
   Digital adaptation and text editing Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga

  the foreigner  

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