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Just in case, he carried a gun… - scene 3

 A  Rap Opera   or  Hip Hopera  scene 3

Story Script   scene-by-scene                                                                                        
____________________________________   by Odysseus Heavilayias

                    Scene Number 3  

Clarice:   The other day at the airport Ο'Ηare,
                    I saw a little girl who had curly hair,
                    and, my thoughts traveled in the past,
                    (when past and future contrast)…

                    I dreamed while I was awake, and 

                                                        my imagination did speed up,
                    I visited many places from my year of growing up,
                    (Believe it or not my dear chap).

                    My home where I grew up,
                    my school, my grandparents house,
                    In my ears an unknown music, resembled Strauss.

                    I stopped over at the Dairy Queen in our 

                    (great ice cream) they were loved all around.

                    I visited a couple wineries and did some tasting,
                    but that which was really amazing,
                    was a new place a cider mill,
                    (makes apples cider, apple juice), it was a thrill..

                    I do enjoy good wine,
                    not too much at one time,
                    but I like the many different tastes.

                    I like reds, but a white I will not let it go to waste.
                    I told you before and I'll say it again
                    that I also love too much champagne…

                    I was a cheerleader (indifferent for our readers)
                    kind of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,
                    of course with a lot more cloths on,
                    thanks to us once, our team won.


                    Then Ι became a pom pon girl,
                    (I kept my hair in curl}.
                    I was 2nd runner up in our queen contest.
                    I have been homecoming queen. I was never 


                    I played the clarinet, I was in the band,
                    If you don’t believe all these, I understand…

                    I did that all through high school..
                    I did not break any rule...

                    Or another way to say it, I followed the rules.
                    A tomboy they called me at all of my schools.




                    My grandpa use to let me drive the tractor,
                    whoever would say that I was not good, would be 

                                                                                      a detractor..

                    I had a Mustang, what we call a muscle car here in

                                                                                               the US.
                    Βig engines in them, with power like a bus.
                    I use to race it, not legally but when your 18 who 

                                                                              needs to be legal…

                    Ιn Germany, my Mustang was cover in the 

                                                                              magazine Spiegel.

                 My grandfather worked with Al Capone.
                 Αs long as he lived it was not known.
                 He did not kill or injure anyone,
                 but just in case, he carried a gun…

     to be continued ...


* Editor Odysseus Heavilayias,
Language adjustments and text adaptation Kellene G Safis,
Digital adaptation and text editing Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga


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