Saturday, April 4, 2015

Slammer - scene 4

[ Throughout the history of the United States there have been many slang words for jail. Depending on the era in which you were born, you will definitely notice that people alter and come up with new slang words for jail native to the time. If you think back to the many slang words for jail that you have heard over the years, you will more than likely come up with a longer list of words that you never imagined possible. Hoosegow, mainline joint, skinner joint, stoney lonesome, con college, glasshouse, bucket, club fed, greybar hotel, big house, slammer, calaboose, castle, cooler, country club, crowbar hotel, digger, farm, guardhouse, hole, joint, jug, juvie, pen, pokey, rock, sneezer, stockade, the clink.]


A Rap Opera or Hip Hopera 

Story Script scene-by-scene

_____________________________  by Odysseus Heavilayias

                    Scene Number 4

Odysseus:   In slang, my mind, I lose..
                    What word should I choose?
                    What word of them all?
                    Ιn thoughtfulness, I fall.
                    I’ll pick "slammer", that's all.

                   I need that word anyway,
                   because I'll talk to you about Mae.
                   and easily, you will understand Clarice ,
                   why I wander drunk on the streets..

                    My life was empty
                    since I turned twenty,
                    since she went away,
                    and through the years, till today

 I heard someone say,
that he saw her last summer
getting out of the slammer,
after doing time.

I searched for a dime
to make a phone call,
(I'm not sure at all
that a dime is still enough)
I spent many years in the
it was then she commited
                          [the theft
of my heart, and left.

I also did time,
without doing the crime

Her hair extension
caused the tension,
in the bar that night,
and in the fight
my stupid connection,
cost me an injection
as I was hit, hardly
by that bastard Charlie... 

I knew that her neighbor
was an exterminator,

a ladies' killer,
his name was Miller,
a former prom king…
I promise you one thing,
that she will be mine.

For him, I’ll be a landmine
ready to explore
(but then courage comes from wine)

* Editor Odysseus Heavilayias,

Language adjustments and text adaptation Kellene G Safis,

Digital adaptation and text editing Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga

  the foreigner  

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