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"Ce Parfum Hermès de France" - scene 8

A Rap Opera or Hip Hopera 

Story Script scene-by-scene

_____________________________  by Odysseus Heavilayias

                    Scene Number 8 

                         The party by the pool 
                         The song "cool daddy cool"*      *

Clarice:      Odie...*                                           *Odysseus  
                                just cut the crap,
                        this isn't rap..
                        don't force my ears into a trap,
                        shut your yap,
                        there will be no clap..
                        Ι need to liven up ...
                        I need to cheer up 
                        I need to fire up 
                        I need to brace up  
                        I need to jazz up  
                        I need a life setback, 
                        you obviously....

                        need a slap !

Odisseas:     Don't be cruel,*               *          
                        I was a fool...
                        For using English....

                                             this useful tool,
                        I never attended school.

                        With the logic rule
                        I'm in constant duel,
                        trying to say
                        the events of that day.
                        in a tongue unknown to me,
                        unknown as uncharted sea...

                        But I will tell my story !


                        I'm sorry.....

                        I will tell that at any rate,
                        and sorry again if I prate..

                        My dear dictionary,
                        do whatever is necessary ! 
''That party once.
That my first romance
That girl from the ranch.
That meeting by chance.
That first glance
That "Parfum Hermès de France"            
That break dance
That slow dance.
That only chance.
That unique trance
That which I knew in advance.
The end of my first
and only romance..

*Editor Odysseus Heavilayias,
 Language adjustments and text adaptation Kellene G Safis
 Digital adaptation and text editing Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga


Cut the crap :   Stop saying things that are not true or not important

* Boney M - Daddy cool  
* Elvis Presley - Don't be cruel    

*"Hermès"A Boutique Where You Don't Just Buy – You Invest", Vogue, October 1974.
Van Dyke, Grace, "Hermès: Old World Luxury in the New World", USA Today, July 1994          

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